Introducing, The new Sonet.

In a world gone tame, The new Sonet is here to set you free.
Chiseled to perfection, raw in power, and loaded with tech, it’s built to give you a one-of-a-kind driving experience. So, climb in the new Kia Sonet and let your wild instincts take over.


The wild experience you can’t resist.

Presenting the new Sonet X-Line, now wilder than ever. Explore the wild allure of the exclusive Matte Graphite exterior, embracing a cabin experience that defies resistance. Ready to set the stage for envy as you journey through diverse horizons. ​

R16 40.56cm (16”) Sporty Crystal Cut Alloy Wheels

A distinctive design, featuring untamed crystal-cut patterns on a sleek black surface, is the perfect blend of sporty look with performance.

Kia Signature Tiger Nose Grille with Knurled Xclusive Black High Gloss Surround

Bring out the wild in you with the fierce Kia Signature Tiger Nose grille, while the knurled glossy surround adds a touch of wild charm.

All Door Power Window One Touch Auto Up/Down with Safety

Effortlessly control all windows with a single touch while ensuring safety with auto-stop, in case of obstructions.

Full Digital Cluster with 26.04cm (10.25″) Color LCD MID

Embrace a futuristic instrument cluster that features a comprehensive and sleek interface to make every journey convenient and immersive.


A dominating stance.

The majestic attitude of the new Sonet is sure to make a statement. The reborn new Sonet facelift is designed to look intimidating with a bold new Signature Tiger Nose Grille, the new Sonet commands respect and oozes dominance wherever it goes.

Electric Sunroof

Elevate your drive with a sunroof, turning every road trip into a scenic adventure.

Rear Spoiler

Provides a sporty and dynamic appeal to The Wild Design.​

Crown Jewel LED Headlamps and Star Map LED DRLs

Highlight the all-new bold front and give it a dazzling road presence.

R16 – 40.56 cm (16”) Sporty Crystal Cut Alloy Wheels

Give your wheels a striking spin as you prowl the streets.​

Star Map LED Connected Tail Lamps

For a distinctive look that seamlessly blends style and innovation.

Signature Tiger Nose Grille

Takes the untamed style quotient to stunning new heights.

Sleek LED Fog Lamps

Enhance the overall sleek appeal.​

Sporty Aerodynamic Rear Skid Plates with Dark Metallic Accents

Adds a sporty edge to the car’s unbridled design appeal.


Wild outside. Suave inside.

Fierce on the outside, spacious and calm inside; the new Sonet is here to sharpen your sense of comfort. Be it the Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus & Bacteria Protection, a futuristic Digital Screen & Cluster, or front ventilated & 4-Way Power Driver’s Seats; the abundance of tech in the new Kia Sonet will put you in a state of serenity.

Center Fascia AC Vents

Ensure optimal airflow for driver and passenger,
with the center console placed within easy reach of both.

Front Ventilated Seats

Make every drive a breeze in hot and humid conditions. ​

Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus
and Bacteria Protection

Ensures you breathe the cleanest air inside.

Bose Premium 7- Speakers System

Elevate your drive with the perfect beats,
making each moment a musical adventure.

4-Way Power Driver’s Seat

Helps you get the perfect driving stance
and maximum comfort.

26.03 cm (10.25’’) HD Touchscreen Navigation

Enables you to stay in command when it comes to
finding your way effortlessly.

LED Ambient Sound Mood Lights

Creates the perfect atmosphere for every drive. ​

Full Digital Cluster with 26.04 cm (10.25’’) Color LCD MID

Provides real-time information and vehicle status updates.

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